Debating Firearms Insurance

#tagcoding hashtags can be used for sharing and retrieving contributions in a public sphere debate on a wide range of topics. As the debate about access to guns and rifles is causing deep rifts in the United States public sphere, let's apply #tagcoding to the topic of #firearmsinsurance:

The motivation to do something about access to guns is expressed in the first target of #sdg01US - End poverty in all its forms everywhere: #sdt161 - significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere.

As an economic activity, such insurance is offered as part of #isic6512US - Non-life insurance offering a service #cpc71335 - General liability insurance services.

Making such an insurance mandatory, requires legislation at City, State and/or Federal level: #cofog0111US - Executive and legislative organs (CS).

San José City, in Santa Clara County (#US06085) is the first city to have mandated that homeowners and renters who own firearms must have a gun liability insurance:

And there is H.R.1004 - Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2021:

When taking part in the debate, don't hesitate to add your State or County #USlgu hashtag and/or the US congressional hashtags of your Congressional District (these are listed on your state's page).

Check the Wikipedia article Gun law in the United States for the wide range of laws that regulate firearms at the federal, state and local government level, and by the courts.

#tagcoding Pivot

Use a U.S. State's WWlgu/USlgu code to localize #tagcoding hashtags from below topic dimensions.

Sustainable development goals & targets (#sdgUS)

Economic activities (#isic) - #isicUS

Functions of government - #cofogUS