The #USlgu hashtag of Bear Lake (Idaho) is #US16007

Why and how to use this hashtag is explained at Your community & #opendata via #USlgu hashtags.

Employment rates in the county?

Check it via the article shared in below Tweet. Share the employment data for Bear Lake using #US16007.

Find a nearby public library

Find the nearest public library 'online' via LibWeb - Library Servers via WWW:Public libraries in Idaho.

Find the state libraries of Idaho at US State Libraries.

Is your local public library already measuring its outcomes? For details, check Outcome measurement made easy (January 12, 2017), from Public Library Association (PLA).

More #OpenData about Bear Lake

Check the US Census website for Quick Facts about Bear Lake.

Check for data (sets) about Bear Lake.

Invite your friends and neighbors

Tweet #US16007 is the #USlgu hashtag for making Bear Lake (Idaho) prosper #WWlgu

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