%%title%% (%%parent_title%%) with #USlgu #tagcoding hashtag

%%title%% (%%parent_title%%)
#USlgu hashtag:#US%%content{1}%%

Why and how to use this hashtag is explained at Your community & #opendata via #USlgu hashtags.

Employment rates in the county?

Check it via the article shared in below Tweet. Share the employment data for %%title%% using #US%%content{1}%%.

Find a nearby public library

Find the nearest public library 'online' via LibWeb - Library Servers via WWW:Public libraries in %%parent_title%%.

Find the state libraries of %%parent_title%% at US State Libraries.

Is your local public library already measuring its outcomes? For details, check Outcome measurement made easy (January 12, 2017), from Public Library Association (PLA).

More #OpenData about %%title%%

Check the US Census website for Quick Facts about %%title%%.

Check Data.gov for data (sets) about %%title%%.


Invite your friends and neighbors

Tweet #US%%content{1}%% is the #USlgu hashtag for making %%title%% (%%parent_title%%) prosper #WWlgu

Tagcloud with #USlgu hashtag for other counties

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